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Family Learning Courses

Family Learning Courses
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Family Learning and adult learning are great fun ways of discovering new ways to help yourself and your children. They are fun and friendly and can support you with gathering ideas on different ways you can help with your child’s learning. You can make new friends and meet with old friends and we are usually able to offer free crèche support to enable you to get involved.

We can offer a range of learning opportunities, some are listed below, so if there’s something that you’re really interested in give us a call.  Please visit our website on a regular basis to see what courses available.

Nail Art, Sock Puppets, Cake decorating, Paediatric, First Aid, Transactional Analysis (behaviour), Story Sacks, Masks and more, Rowdy Robots, Make up techniques

There’s many more courses available so please add us to your favourites to hear it here first.

Family Learning

Free online courses you can work through at your own pace from the BBC
Did you know the BBC offers a range of online-based courses that you can work through at your own pace?

Example courses are :

Basic Skills - Skills for Life
Creative writing
Sports & Fitness

Have a look at what's on offer and see if there's anything that takes your fancy

Click here to view Online courses with the BBC
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Computer basics - If your are new to computers this course is for you!
This fun to use, entertaining virtual tour will show you how to get started from using a computer mouse, the keyboard and the screen

Click here to view Introduction to using computers
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Learn how to use the Internet - Step by Step
This free on-line course takes you through using the Internet from the very start, covering :

How to get connected
Web page basics
Getting more from the Web
How to fill in on-line forms
Finding stuff online
E-mail basics
Getting more from E-mail
Stay out of danger
Web communities - make new friends

Click here to view how to use the Internet
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