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Early Years Education
Once a child reaches a certain pre-school age they become entitled to government money to attend several weekly Nursery Education classes. This is known as the Early Years Education Entitlement (EYEE). To find out more about this scheme contact The Childcare Information Helpline on 0800 2346 346.

This education is often referred to as the Foundation Stage and children complete their last year of this stage during their first year at Primary School (Reception Class).




The six areas of learning

Personal, social and emotional development

Knowing the difference between right and wrong, sharing, being able to dress and undress, taking an interest in others and in a variety of activities, and having the self-confidence to try new things.

Communication, language and literacy

Talking clearly and confidently, listening to stories, poems and songs, naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet, writing their own name and reading some simple common words (and, look, up, I, you, go, etc.)

Mathematical development

Counting, understanding and recognising numbers up to 10, understanding terms like 'greater', 'smaller', 'heavier', 'lighter', being aware of shapes and space, and starting to understand the concepts of adding or taking away.

Knowledge and understanding of the world

Showing an interest in exploring their world, finding out about the past, about different cultures, and about everyday technology and how it is used.

Physical and creative development

Moving about confidently and with reasonable co-ordination.

Using colours and shapes to make things, telling stories, singing simple songs from memory, making music and dancing.


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